PDIC advises borrowers of Rural Bank of Hagonoy (Davao del Sur) to pay obligations

MANILA, (PNA) — The Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation (PDIC), the Receiver of the closed Rural Bank of Hagonoy (Davao del Sur), reminded borrowers of the bank to continue paying their loans and transact only with authorized PDIC representatives.

In a statement, PDIC advised borrowers of the Rural Bank of Hagonoy to pay their loans and other obligations directly at any Philippine National Bank (PNB) Branch under account name, PDIC FAO BURL – RURAL BANK OF HAGONOY with Reference Number 373-0949-00013 .

The Receiver cautioned borrowers that it has discontinued the engagement of the bank’s collectors. PDIC has not engaged any person to collect the loans of the bank.

To ensure proper recording of payments made by borrowers, it further advised borrowers to keep copies of the PNB Deposit/Payment Slips. The Receiver emphasized that only payments with validated PNB Deposit/Payment Slips shall be considered valid payments.

The Monetary Board (MB) placed the Rural Bank of Hagonoy under the receivership of the PDIC by virtue of MB Resolution No. 1521.A dated September 19, 2013.

As Receiver, PDIC took over the bank on September 20, 2013. Upon takeover, all bank records are gathered, verified and validated.

Rural Bank of Hagonoy is a single-unit bank located in Guihing, Hagonoy, Davao del Sur. According to the latest Bank Information Sheet (BIS) as of April 30, 2013 filed by the Rural Bank of Hagonoy with the PDIC, the bank is majority-owned by Get Holdings, Inc. (40%) and Guillermo P. Torres, Jr. (26.92%). Its President is Roberto D. Recede.

Borrowers of the bank may also communicate with the PDIC – Loans Management Department I at (02) 841-4982 or 841-4764. Queries may also be sent through email at pad@pdic.gov.ph.