Japanese premier, Russian deputy premier attend opening of STS forum in Kyoto

KYOTO, Japan, (PNA/Itar-Tass) — Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich on Sunday took part in the ceremony of opening the 10th jubilee International Forum on Science and Technology in Society /STS/ in Kyoto.

Abe and Dvorkovich came to Kyoto upon a personal invitation of Koji Omi, the founder and chairman of the forum.

Progress of science and technology has brought huge benefits to our routine everyday life and to economic growth, Koji Omi said in his welcome address.

On the other hand, much the same successes in the development of technologies have brought many problems in their wake.

Koji believes that “this is the light and simultaneously the darkness of contemporary science and technologies.”

He said the STS has evolved from a small conference into an international movement that embraces notable scientists and successful businessmen who are working hard to benefit the whole world.

Shinzo Abe said in his speech he was glad to take part in this historic event, adding that Japan had learned a bitter lesson from the role that science and technology were playing in society.

He said that by saying ‘lesson’ he meant the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in spring 2011 and he promised on the part of the government to take all the necessary steps to make the Japanese technologies secure to the maximum and the national economy, successful and flourishing.

Right after his speech, Abe left the forum and took a flight to Indonesia to take part in a summit of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation /APEC/.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said it was a great honor for him to address the opening ceremony right after the Japanese Prime Minister. He stressed his country’s readiness to take part in global research projects and programmes.

At present, Russia is cooperating with other nations in global research closely enough for the promotion of its projects, which might facilitate development all around the world.

The International Forum for Science and Technology in Society /STS/ is a unique floor for a dialogue between the brightest minds of the century and representatives of business elite.

The forum will last for three days.