Nikki: No time for love

PNS — NIKKI Gil ought to be called a role model because she was able to combine studies and showbusiness. As we are all aware of, most of our young television stars are undergraduates if not dropouts and we doubt if they even bother to read newspapers to find out what is happening to our economy. It is because of this that we admire Nikki who also finds time to read a book and we don’t mean romance stories.

It wasn’t easy, Nikki tells us. In the first place she was allowed to enter showbiz provided she will not abandon her studies at the Ateneo de Manila.

“In the beginning, it was hard especially when you lack sleep due to taping and then proceed to school. What made it easy for me is the fact that I really value education. It is good foundation for whatever plans you have in the future. I also enjoy reading books which some find nerdy. I always bring with me a good book and in the process of waiting, scan the pages and read,” she says.

As a recording artist, Nikki signed up with EMI Phils. in 2005. Her debut album, the self-titled, Nikki, featured “Sakayan ng Jeep” composed by Bodjie Dasig and recorded by Lani Misalucha in the 90s. The CD was repackaged in time for Valentine’s Day and the cut Glowing Inside was even used in a shampoo commercial.

It was also in 2006 that EMI Phils. and Walt Disney Records introduced her to be one of the Asian artists to sing and star in the music video of Disney Channel’s original movie, High School Musical’s theme song, Breaking Free. Nikki joined Vince Chong of Malaysia and Alicia Pan in the spirited song for the Asian version.

A second album, entitled Hear My heart, has been released this week with the title track (co-written by Nikki and her sister Daniela Gil) as the album’s first single.

Nikki shares: “It is a song about unrequited love, an emotion most of us have experienced at some points in our lives. It is about bringing friendship to the next level but the love of your life does not seem to get it. It’s that awkward, uneasy feeling of wanting to be loved back, but you’re not getting a vibe of encouragement, so you just run away from that persons smile and touch— the very reason why you fall for that person in the first place.”

A favorite cut of Nikki in the album is Friday, a mid-tempo and very R&B song. She calls it a family affair because it was arranged by her uncle Dan Gil of Chillitees.

Has Nikki found a new love after a failed relationship with Gabby Valenciano?

“There is no one in my life now in particular but there are admirers. It is nice to be told by them how special you are, that they care and willing to wait. Any woman would if she happens to be an incurable romantic.”