The Frame-ups: ‘We are proud of our parents’

By Alex P. Vidal/ PNS

A fledgling band composed of young high school students from Niles, Illinois, has proven that strong parental support spiked with mutual trust and confidence can be their big sources of inspiration and vehicle to greater heights.

“We credit our parents (for our success),” gushed Anthony Sanders, 16, lead vocalist of The Frame-ups, champion of the Battle of the Bands held at Lemont, Illinois last January 6, 2008. “My mom (Catherine) is the greatest supporter in the whole planet.”

Anthony, the voice behind the nail-biting and electrifying “I want you to want me” and “Unchained Melody”, said Catherine has been his main backer since he was a kid. His father, Jay, also saw to it that his enthusiasm to compose songs was not hampered.

“I play basketball with my dad regularly as my number one recreation,” explained the matinee idol-looking Anthony, who turned 16 last March 7.

Anthony said he composed songs by just thinking about the subject “and the melody will just come along.”

Anthony hooked up with Filipino-American Lui “Aybil” Macatual, 17, son of famous folk singer and songwriter Luisito “Chito Ilonggo” and Chicago-based Ilonggo nurse Jocelyn.

They are considered as the Frame-ups’ one-two punch and their collaboration has worked wonders for the previously unknown and unheard of band founded based on mutual trust, confidence and camaraderie.

“None of them (our parents) is holding us back; they are our number one supporters and fans,” said Lui, the band drummer and back-up vocalist.

Lui described Anthony as “a good musician” who has composed some 80 songs, mostly acoustic.

Another Filipino-American band member, Jake Jones, a guitarist, said his father Steven “is very proud of me but has not seen me perform; (but) he is a man who loves music.”

“Music has been part of my life since I was a child,” said Jake, who knew Lui and another band member, Alex Mui, since he was in the seventh grade. Jake’s mother is Francisca Familiara, a Filipina, who also approves of his being guitarist.

“If not for Alex, I wouldn’t be here (in the band). I was overwhelmed and shocked when we won; it was an unexplainable feeling, my adrenalin shot up,” admitted Jake referring to their Battle of the Bands conquest where they bested 11 other tough competitors that were mostly veterans.

Despite their growing popularity that could someday bring them to other states for tougher competitions, Jake said he still values education stressing “I will continue to work hard, enjoy what I like to do and I want to finish my high school.”

Alex, a bass guitarist, admitted “he is not so good in composing music” but takes pride of being responsible for introducing Jake “to the rest of the guys.” Alex’s father, Tony, passed away in July 2006, and his sister is in college.