Bringing back the ’80s

PNS — INSPIRED by the success of the Hitmakers (namely Rico J. Puno, Hajji Alejandro, Rey Valera and Marco Sison)who have taken the Filipino communities almost all over the world by storm,(the fabulous 4 start their US tour 2008 this May) Viva Concerts has formed a junior version of another batch of hitmakers. From the ‘60s, they will revive the songs that had become popular during the ’80s. Hence, their concert is billed as Greatest Hits of the ’80s.

The artists involved are Gino Padilla, Louie Heredia, Randy Santiago and Raymond Lauchengco. The two-night stint at the Music Museum (May l6 and l7) ushers their comeback into the concert scene though not as solo performers.

For Gino Padilla whose voice sold a thousand tubes of toothpaste during his time (remember Closer You and I used in a toothpaste commercial?) it is a major comeback for him having devoted more time to a family business than mounting concerts or recording an album. He could have migrated to the USA but Gino preferred to stay here with his family. “I feel I would be a lot useful here than look for a job abroad,” he says.

Unlike Rico and company, the junior version of the Hitmakers produced only a handful of hits since at one point in their careers, they devoted their time to other business endeavors.

Raymond (who could forget I Need You Back, Farewell or Saan Darating ang Umaga) was into photography until Viva urged him to record again resulting in the release of Full Circle which fittingly described the former heartthrob..

“The sound of the ’80s continues and it is fun jamming with the rest of the guys. It is nice to remember and we hope our efforts will bring us good results. We welcome the idea of starting on an intimate venue like the Music Museum and let’s see where it would lead us later on,” Raymond says.

Louie is an iron chef as far as cooking paella is concerned. Still single, he immediately consented when Vincent del Rosario approached him with the idea and he might even surprise us with his own version of Randy Santiago’s Babaero. Likewise, Randy might interpret Louie’s signature song, Nag-iisang Ikaw.

Randy has successfully conquered television as a host but singing will always be a part of his life.It is his love for singing that made Randy put up Ratsky where he can perform whenever he feels the itch.

Produced by Viva Concerts, Greatest Hits of the 80s is directed by Jun-Jun Santiago, with Noel Cruz of Serenity Band on hand as the musical director. Jake Tordesillas and Kaye Brondial share writing duties while Ratsky, Peoples Journal and DWTM pitch in as sponsors.

It would definitely be a walk down memory lane set to the sounds of the ’80s with a lot of highlights and surprises coming from Gino, Louie, Randy and Raymond. Tickets to Greatest Hits of the 80s are: P2,250 (orchestra center) P2,000 (orchestra side) and P1,400 (Balcony).