OMB, MTRCB join hands in fighting evil

PNS — OPTICAL Media Board Chairman Edu Manzano hosted lunch at Annabel’s Restaurant to officially announce his partnership with MTRCB Chair Conzoliza La Guardia , Monsignor Pedro Quitorio of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines and Atty. Eric Mallonga of the Child Justice League to intensify his campaign against child pornography and flicker piracy.

He showed some footage of a sex video involving a Caucasian and two Filipino children about 5 or 6 years old. As we watched, we felt our stomach turning. It’s so sickening, so totally revolting! These foreign pedophiles are exploiting the culture of poverty and paying the parents of these poor hapless kids to let their own offspring be molested for monetary gain. We had to turn our eyes away and the sight of those innocent children being used by those sex maniacs for their perverted motives gave us a lingering feeling of sadness the whole day.

Up to now, we feel like throwing up each time we remember that horrifying footage showing the evil that men are capable of doing. We should not allow this to happen to our children who will certainly be scarred for life. Let’s all pray for these victims and we also personally pray that Edu’s campaign against this evil deed will be very successful and all pedophiles be thrown out of the country, especially those who make child porn for gain. Edu says it costs only $10,000 to do one sex video and this is sold abroad for $20,000. In other words, they can quickly double their investment.

“Engaging in child porno is a violation of the child abuse law, the child exploitation law, and the child labor law,” Edu says. “I call on the public to report to us if they know of anyone who does or sells child porn. They can call us sa hotline namin, 374-1393 or 413-0483 or go to our website at

Kids are the most marginalized sector of our society and we should all help them.

About piracy, Celine de Venecia of Solar Films said we’re now considered number one in duplicating films illegally through cam-corders. “I don’t know if we’re number one,” says Edu. “But it’s been proven that duplicated copies of films were taken from 13 cinemas in our country and this was detected through watermark features that indicate they’re mall theaters.”

Cong. Irwin Tieng says he has not apprehended any big duplicators and he’s been invited to attend their budget hearings but he won’t come. “For the record, we’ve closed down six of 11 replicators in our country. About their budget hearings, the OMB attends every single hearing and they’ve been promising to increase our budget for four years now, pero wala namang nangyayari. For the entire country, we have only 15 OMB agents. Obvious bang undermanned kami?