Professional Online Tutoring

Academic Coaching or Tutoring has evolved with the advent of the internet. Whereas physical presence is a requirement in traditional forms of tutoring, whether center-based or home service, Online Tutoring only requires virtual presence. By virtual presence we mean, tutees and tutors may engage in tutorials no matter where they are. Though they may be miles or oceans apart, provided they have access to the world-wide-web, tutoring may commence.

Nowadays, students are not limited to the intellectual resources available within close proximity to their home or school. The resources (talents, skills, physical and intellectual) available elsewhere can now be tapped by students who are seeking assistance with their schooling requirements and individual scholastic struggles.

However, owing to the versatility of the computers, one may find himself actually engaged in a pre-programmed tutorial instead of a LIVE interactive lesson. Similarly, when one seeks educational support or tutoring through an internet portal with nothing more than a virtual address, one may realize that the supposed tutoring company is but a junction or a connection terminal (or a commission-based collection agent, if you wish) where students’ requirements are serviced by whoever is the next available freelance tutor or work-at-home individual. Not to undermine the capabilities of work-at-home part-timers and freelance tutors, the issue really is the concept of security and quality control.

The challenge for students and their parents nowadays is to find an Online Tutoring Company whose primary purpose is to provide Professional Tutoring or Academic Assistance to students by Qualified Tutors who are constantly trained, monitored for every session, and whose quality of service is periodically validated, versus those whose primary goal is ease of operations and service fee collection.

If one surfs through the web for these Online Tutoring companies, one may be overwhelmed by just how many of them are out there. Enterprising individuals from different key cities in different countries have their own portals. To own a webspace or find a host to carry these internet-based service is quite easy. A hosted domain name for a tutoring business is not hard to establish, and this is basically what connecting portals do. They simply provide a channel for tutors to meet with paying clients, and their management extends only as far as managing tutee and tutor accounts.

In the Philippines, an archipelagic country in SouthEast Asia whose populace are naturally bilingual with a good number of “near-native” English speakers and whose majority of students are known internationally to be very diligent with their studies, a group of young professionals (mostly parents, themselves) started a company called Studybites Inc. to help students around the world achieve scholastic success. Now, Manila-based teachers and qualified tutors meet daily at Studybites Educational Services’ center along United Nations Avenue in Manila. From here and through their portal, Certified Teachers and Qualified Tutors are able to provide Academic guidance and support to school-children and young adults (from Kindergarteners to 12th graders). The tutors here are professionalized through continuous developmental training. Each of them prepare for tutoring sessions by developing learning modules and contributing to their pool of academic resources. Since all sessions are conducted in-center, managers are able to closely monitor every session daily. is the 1st child born from the true marriage of center-based tutoring and home-service one-on-one tutorials, the very essence of Professional Online Tutoring.

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