Cops intercept ‘bayong’ of explosives in Quezon town

INFANTA, Quezon, (PNA) -– Operatives of the 1st Maneuver Platoon of the Quezon Provincial Public Safety Company (QPPSC) intercepted a “bayong” (woven native bag) containing explosives, firing devices and blasting caps with detonating cords along Marcos Highway here on Wednesday.

Police Supt. Gerardo Umayao, QPPSC Company Commander, disclosed to PNA here Thursday that the “bayong” of explosive items were abandoned by four unidentified men who scampered to different directions after sensing the approaching 1st Maneuver Platoon.

Supt. Umayao said the platoon, led by Police Inspector Nimrod Balgemino Jr., conducted regular combat and clearing operations along Kilometer 5 in Marcos Highway in Barangay Magsaysay in Infanta when the cops noticed the four suspicious persons.

Umayao said the suspected “bayong” couriers fled towards the grassy areas up to the cliff approaching the Agos River.

A brief chase ensued but operatives failed to locate the suspects due to darkness, unfamiliar terrain and vegetation but their hot pursuit yielded the “bayong” of explosives abandoned by the fleeing suspects.

The bag contained five explosives believed to be anti-personnel mines; a styrofoam containing two blasting cap cases; five firing devices and three blasting caps with detonating cords.

The “bayong” also included two t-shirts; flashlight; bolo; two sticks both rolled with detonating cords; and two sets of suspected live anti-personnel mines with detonating cord/blasting cap mounted towards the road.

Police explosive experts successfully defused the mines and coordinated with the turnover of the explosives to the PNP Bomb Data Center for proper disposition.

Police Senior Supt. Ronaldo Genaro Ylagan, Quezon Police Provincial Office (QPPO) provincial director officer-in-charge theorized the suspects belong to the communist New People’s Army (NPA) who plan terroristic attacks against police operatives.

According to Senior Supt. Ylagan, the suspects may be installing the said explosive devices when they were preempted by the cops patrolling in the area.

Ylagan assured Quezonians here that police personnel are doing their best efforts to serve and protect constituents and communities to provide a safe place to live, work, invest and do business in the province.

QPPSC is now preparing the complaint for violation of RA 8294 as amended by RA 9516 before the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office in Lucena City against the communist insurgents and personalities operating in the area.