Survival Course for Incoming Law Students

Imagine this…

You’re a very confident lawyer making a summary of your rebuttal speech over your client’s case and swaying the court to your favour! You did this because of the excellent legal education and legal skills you acquired while still a law student. Even at freshman year, you already demonstrated high competence on the Criminal, Civil and Constitutional Law Subjects due to your highly effective learning strategies and comprehensive pre-law preparation.

Sounds good to be true?! Nope.

We at the E-LAW believe any graduate who wishes to take up law will succeed in law school provided that he has acquired effective learning strategies and has been provided with comprehensive information about the expectations and rigors of the law school,
particularly, during the critical freshman year. In our examination of freshmen orientation provided by law schools, the orientation usually lasts at most for 3 hours, at least for half
an hour. You might be wondering, “What can be discussed for three hours?”

About the school, its organizational structure, its prestigious alumni, a message from your dean or from a recent graduate or bar passer. That’s all.

Would those discussed help your survive the rigors of freshman years? We think we know your answer.

That’s why….

We have prepared a customized a 4-day survival training and workshop course for incoming freshmen law students. The seminar-workshop aims to: 1) provide an overview on the major 1st year law subjects; 2) discuss the various learning strategies, tools and techniques to assist the 1st year students on the study of law; and 3) acquaint the
students on the various reading materials in the study of law.

At the end of the 4-day activity, you will ACQUIRE these skills and knowledge:

· Preparing case digest

· Answering an exam question and your professor

· Effective Learning Strategies such as:

– Speed Reading, Note-Taking, Internet Research, etc.

– Internet Resources for Law Students

· Overview of Major First Year Subjects including:

– Case list

– Sample Cases and Examination Questions

And an electronic copy of the Revised Penal Code*

All these for a minimum personal investment of Php 2,500 (for early
bird), inclusive of snacks, seminar kits and certificates.



Batch 1: April 6, 13, 20, and 27, 2008

Batch 2: May 4, 11, 18, and 25, 2008


Ms. Iris Jao

Marketing Manager

E-LAW (Education for Law Advocates and Workers)

0922-792-7802/ 0927-498- 5465

email us at: or iris.jao@imx. ph