Actor’s nude photos shock mom

PNS — BEFORE Dingdong Dantes acceded to go nude for a magazine centerfold, there was Alfred Vargas considered as the original GMA talent to pose nude for a coffee table book.

On the set of ESP, we asked Alfred if he is willing to do it again.

“For as long as I have a maintained body, I don’t see why I will refuse to do it. Sa ganitong klaseng pictorial, a beautiful body is a must. I am ready for another nude pictorial session but it must have a different concept and locale.

Masyadong bugbog na ang beach. Just the same, nature pa rin dapat ang backdrop. Or inside a fabulous massage parlor or spa. They can develop a character and weave a storyline as well.” he suggests.

Up to now, Alfred can recall the disturbed look on her mother’s face when she was first shown the picture of her naked son. “I guess she was not pleased at all. She was quiet giving me a cold look. But she must be very thankful I am a man.

Had it been a daughter, she would have condemned the act. My mom is a religious woman who never missed praying the rosary everyday. In ways more than one, she is very conservative.

I bet the first thing she did when she saw my bold photos was to pray hard for my soul,” he adds.

“I guess her attitude regarding showbusiness has changed. She now understands (showbiz) and likewise, she knows the extreme satisfaction I get from acting. She trusts me and my own judgment. In the first place, I know my limits.”

From sexy pictorials, we wanted to find out how he prepares for a delicate scene in a movie. He had his shares of passionate scenes but with the lights on and cameras rolling, not to mention the production crew watching, did he ever get aroused or carried away by intimate scenes?

“That is very possible especially if both of us (he and his partner) are naked. There is body contact, you know. I always tell my leading ladies beforehand not to take things personally since erection is unavoidable, lalo na kung type mo rin ang ka-partner mo. From the start, humihingi agad ako ng dispensa.

Regarding kissing scenes, there are hygienic practices we always do like brushing our teeth, gargling mouthwash para mabango ang hininga mo. From my experience, kissing can be tiring when repeatedly done. There are directors who are so meticulous he has to shoot a simple kissing scene in as many angles as possible. I suffered a locked jaw (with kissing scenes) once or twice,” he admits.

Working with Iza Calzado for the nth time is always a joy for Alfred. He finds Iza both very beautiful and professional. In ESP, Alfred portrays a television executive who will help Iza battle off her enemies and at the same time fall in love with her.

Would he dream of acquiring a gift of ESP? “No, thanks. I am a very positive person. ESP is a scary thing. I can accept death but predicting it is something I would not want to do. I don’t want to live in fear especially for people I truly love.”