Old and New Media Towards Society Change

New media have invaded the internet and have created buzz in the mass media. Blogs and other social media became platforms where ordinary citizens can freely express their thoughts and could be given privilege to deliver news and other pertinent information for the public.

In the event such as the Makati City Interfaith Rally held in Ayala, Makati City, bloggers and traditional broadcast media joined together for one purpose — to gather Information. The broadcast media are the most visible on the scene with their huge OB vans, broadcast stage, field reporters and pool of cameramen patrolling the place and covering every activities all over the place.

What is the event all about that media get hyped? This rally is not just any ordinary rally. This is about an anomaly involving our topmost politicians and personalities in the government. The involvement of Pres. Gloria Arroyo in the $130 million ZTE Broaband Deal with China. That there were overpricing. And a certain Jun Lozada came out in public to testify what he knows about the deal, the media followed up this controversial case since then.

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