Laguna Gov receives support from showbiz circles, movie press

SANTA CRUZ, Laguna (PNA) -– Embattled Laguna Gov. Jeorge Ejercito Estregan received overwhelming support on Tuesday from the show business industry, movie press, print and broadcast media.

They denounced the lack of due process on the disqualification decision issued by the Comelec first division.

The Governor though saddened over what he called the flawed decision expressed he will serve his constituents and province mates who gave him the mandate as Governor while the motion for reconsideration on the complaint case is in progress.

The Laguna Governor still maintains that in the end justice will prevail and the truth will come out.

Governor ER said he was disappointed by the turn of events as he was a victim of “evil politics.”

He acknowledged the Comelec decision is not final and executory yet pending the hearing of the motion for reconsideration.

The Governor also maintained to leave the merits or demerits of the case to his lawyers as he expressed trust and confidence on the integrity of the Comelec.

The showbiz and media circles expressed disappointment on the Comelec’s flawed and unfair process to slap Estregan with disqualification charges due to campaign overspending.

A television program host reportedly remarked why Estregan was singled out for the election overspending case while several lawmakers are suspected involved in the PDAF scam involving billions of pesos.

Media circles also commented why the country’s election law penalizes one who spends over campaign ads from his own pocket and that of his campaign contributors’ money compared with legislators allegedly involved in spending hundreds of millions of taxpayers’ money for bogus NGOs.

They opined that if the Governor breached any provision in the Omnibus Election Code why was Estregan not summoned first and given the opportunity to explain on the alleged violation before arriving at the decision.

Opinions expressed by columnists and journalists here also disclosed that “it is only when they (Comelec) can prove the allegations on over spending after a fair trial or hearing of the case can they issue such decision on the election charges.

Comelec Chair Sixto Brillantes was quoted as saying the Comelec decision was released because of a complaint file before the poll body.

But political analysts here also posited that it appears the Comelec is deemed the overall complainant as it enforces the election law.