Self Deception

Self Deception

The ego lies,
telling me that I am far greater than I am.
The ego is greedy, nudging humility aside.
Standing high atop a self serving tower
looking down,
creating a crystal blue world
that says;
“Look at me! I am all that, screw humility!”

I step back and away from that dark view.
For I am nothing in the larger terms of life and enlightenment.
I merely am.
My weak words
only lightly scratch the surface
of the deeper meanings of this life.

I know nothing in the form of the true sub macro Mindset.
My acts are that of the micro,
ape like instinct reacting to situations.
I am no better than the next one in the cage,
trapped by baggage, trapped by memory.

My lessons will not be the lesson of my neighbor
each to his own experiences and realizations.
Self deception the weapon
that blinds us to the truth of things, the way of things.

We are all good, all soulful, sanctified in each breath drawn.
Blessed to see with reassessments eyes;
A slight flame, a flicker at the torch of enlightenment.