San Juan okays anti-noise pollution ordinance

San Juan okays anti-noise pollution ordinance

THE Sangguniang Panglungsod of the new city of San Juan, Metro Manila, recently approved City Ordinance No, 9-2007 that will “regulate noise and its sources as well as provide penalties for its violation.”

Councilor Dante Santiago, principal author of the ordinance, said “the general populace should bear in mind that everyone deserves to have a quiet and peaceful neighborhood — a place where one can have a much-needed rest especially at night to rejuvenate the body for the succeeding day’s activities.”

Santiago described noise pollution as an unwanted, human-created sound that disrupts the environment. The disturbance is caused by transportation sources, principally motor vehicles, sound systems, machines, equipment, among others.

Child behavior studies reveal that noise levels influence children’s performance and can affect their studies.

“We want to control if not eradicate, the daily noise pollution often produced by the unusual loud placing of stereo or sound systems, continuous blowing of horns say, for more than three seconds, and the use of specialized or modified mufflers or exhaust systems,” the three-term councilor said

With the ordinance, Santiago said people and lawmakers now have something to bank on when complaints are made and filed against PUVs blowing their horns and playing amplified music even late at night and even during the wee hours of the morning as well as nightspots, video and karaoke bars, beerhouses where loud music is usually played.

To be known as the “Anti-Noise Pollution Ordinance of San Juan City,” the ordinance declares that it is unlawful for any motorist or driver, private and public, to use and play excessively amplified music or blow car horns out of the normal, adequate, and tolerable sound level for more than three seconds,

It shall likewise be unlawful for any excessive noise to be emitted from any dwelling including noise emitted from a house, garden, yard, or any section belonging to or enjoyed with the dwelling especially from 10 o’clock in the evening until 8 o’clock in the morning.

Violators will be warned on their first offense but will be fined P 500 and P 1,000 for second and succeeding offenses.