6th Cabie PINILI literary contest now accepting entries, says Secretariat

MANILA, (PNA) – The Cabie PINILI Secretariat is now accepting from Ilocanos at home and overseas entries to its 6th annual literary (poetry genre in Ilocano) contest.

The annual award – cash prizes and Certificates of Recognition – is named after Prof. Honor Blanco Cabie, prize-winning man of letters, at present Senior Editor of the Philippines News Agency and Editorial Consultant of the PAENCOR Group of Publications in the metropolis.

This year, an entry is composed of a set of five poems, not less than 24 lines each, which may be chanted during the wake of children 12 years and below – part of the Ilocano culture now on the wane –; typewritten or computer-encoded, double space, on an 8 ½’ x 11” coupon bond.

Only one set may be submitted by a contestant, with his or her pen name on the entry – the real name to be submitted in a different envelope or MS document, by latest 11.59 p.m. of Jan 15, 2014, three months before the awarding ceremonies during the national convention of Ilocano writers.

Cabie PINILI is an acronym for Prof. Cabie Premio Iti Naisurat Iti Literatura Ilokana (Cabie Prize for Inscribed in Native Literature of the Ilocanos).

Entries, in four copies each, original and never been published, may be sent by post to 626 G. Araneta Avenue, 1113 Quezon City; or by email to cabiepinili.secretariat@yahoo.com.

A separate envelope or MS document must contain the contestant’s abbreviated thumbnail.

The winning entries will be owned by the sponsors, who will be given the authority to edit, publish and include the same in an anthology, magazine or other publications of their choice without any liabilities to the authors although the copyright remains with the individual authors.

The judges’ decision will be final – except if the entry will be discovered to have been published previously, not original, or lifted from someone else’s efforts. The contestant will also be henceforth barred from participating in future literary contests of Cabie PINILI.

Disqualified from participating in the contest are relatives of Honor Blanco Cabie, within the fourth civil degree of consanguinity.

Cabie, at present President of the graduate school Asian Institute of Journalism and Communication Alumni Association, received the Pedro Bucaneg Award – named after the Father of Iluko Literature – in 2011 and the title Saribitniw King (Fiction-Speech-Poetry) from the Pelagio Alcantara Foundation in 2008.