MMDA, Stakeholders ink Metro Manila Outdoor Media Magna Carta

MANILA, (PNA) – Uniform size of billboards to be allotted for a landscape or vertical garden will be expected on major thorough fares in Metro Manila by next year under the new guidelines of the Magna Carta signed Tuesday by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) and representatives of various outdoor advertising organizations.

Present during signing of the “Metro Manila Outdoor Media Magna Carta” were MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino and officials from outdoor advertising industry such as the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippine (OAAP), Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA), Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies (4As), media Specialist Association of the Philippines (MSAP), Advertising Board of the Philippines and the Ad Standards Council (ASC).

According to Tolentino, the Magna Carta contains new guidelines in the construction, installation and display of billboards, LED boards, and other advertising signs along major and secondary roads and open spaces within the metropolis.

“This document is another milestone towards the achievement of MMDA’s vision of a safe, pleasant, and better Metro Manila,” Tolentino said.

“ Ang mangyayari niyan, sa darating na panahon uniformed na lahat ang sizes ng billboard sa Metro Manila. Isang sukat. Isang size. Tapos 30 percent nung surface area ng billboard garden, halaman.o model nasa kanan, nasa kaliwa yung garden. Tapos titibayan nila young frames para, regular check up, maintenance para hindi na maulit yung bumagsak,” Tolentino explained.

The agreement limits the size of all outdoor signs and structures to 216 square meters inclusive of the space required for the landscape or vertical gardens. 1/6 or 30 percent of the total area of the billboard shall be allotted for a landscape or vertical garden, while two full-grown sustainable trees shall be planted and maintained within the setback areas of billboard structures.

Further, ground signs and sign structures along EDSA, C-5, and Commonwealth Avenue should have a minimum height of 24 meters and maximum of 36 meters from the ground. The height limit for all other areas in Metro Manila shall be determined by the respective local government units.

Outdoor media advertising collaterals should also not obstruct traffic signs and landscapes. Likewise, the billboard and LED-board ban along Roxas and Macapagal Boulevards shall remain in effect.

Covered by the new rules and regulations are all existing and proposed advertising signs, billboards, display signs, electrical signs, LED signs / boards, ground signs, roof signs, and sign structures along major thoroughfares, public roads, secondary roads, avenues, streets, roads, parks, and open spaces within Metro Manila.

According to the MMDA chief, the Magna Carta, which was finalized after almost one year, is doubly significant because it was crafted by the outdoor media industry stakeholders themselves, together with the MMDA.

“I am grateful to the officials of these organizations for their cooperation. This Magna Carta is a manifestation of their genuine social corporate responsibility,” Tolentino said.

He added that Billboard and billboard structures shall not be allowed along Roxas Boulevard, Macapagal Avenue and historical places.

Tolentino also said that to those advertising agencies who will not follow the size and height requirement provisions of the outdoor advertising rules and regulation, they shall be fine computed at P100 per square foot of surface of the advertising material while the non-compliant government signs shall be charged P25 per square foot.

For the first offense warning, violators shall be fined in the amount of P10,000 while the second offense prohibition from installing advertising material for two years and fine of P20,000 and for the third offense, non-issuance of MMDA Billboard Clearance for the subject billboard structure.

The Metro Manila Outdoor Media Magna Carta shall take effect 15 days after publication in two newspapers of general circulation.

For her part, Belen Fernando, President of PANA, said that this agreement will be progressive.

“So in the future we will be able to see a cleaner environment and a more organized Metro manila and hopefully ma inspire ang ibang cities to follow what the MMDA chairman started,” Fernando said in interview.

She also explained that the agreement among various associations in the advertising industry including of course the MMDA and its standard in place for outdoor advertisings specifically billboards.

“Alam naman natin na importanteng magkaron tayo ng isang set ng guidelines on how to implement billboards to sustain it. How it should be treated when its part of advertising,” she said.