Convenience and more with E-Visa Lanes

With the new e-Visa lanes, travelers to Cambodia will be able to procure and use their visas efficiently and conveniently. With the internet, travelers no longer need to pay a visit to the Cambodian embassy. All they are required to do is to fill up an online application and pay via their credit card. An email will then be sent containing a visa which travelers need only print out and bring with them when they journey to Cambodia.

With already 30,000 travelers utilizing this service, it is fast becoming the preferred means of procuring a visa to Cambodia for most travelers. Suren, one of the many who benefited from e-Visa had this to say:

“e-Visa is great for the tourists who are visiting several countries in South East Asia. To get visa of all countries would take more than 4 weeks, as the passport has to be returned before we could apply for another visa. There is always a chance that one may not get the passport back by the departure time.”

Azeez, another beneficiary of e-Visa said, “Cambodia’s e-visa initiative is fantastic. Other countries should have a look at it. I got mine overnight!” Tadashi Tamura from Japan said this, “I don’t know such an efficient system. We can get Visa easier than Pizza. I want to recommend this system to my friends. Thank you.” The ease that e-Visa provides not only helps travelers worldwide, but also aids in the promotion of Cambodia as a tourist destination.

In addition to the already impressive and innovative features offered with e-Visa, travelers who are non-English speaking will also find another benefit as the e-Visa website supports over 20 languages. For more feedback and information on e-Visa, please visit: and