BIR commissioner encourages LGU website integration

MANILA, (PNA) — An official from the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) suggests on a conference on Tuesday that LGUs must have an integrating system for registration much like the iGovPhil of the National Government.

iGovPhil (Integrated Government Philippines) is an ICT project from the Department of Science and Technology launched in June 10, 2013 that integrates all government websites making a single site for everyone to check.

“The problem an investor faces is that when they try to set up a branch in a district they are face with different kind of registration,” Commissioner Kim Jacinto-Hanares said.

“It’s nice that all of them [LGUs] are computerizing but if you look at the computerization it’s localized, it’s not integrated,” she stressed.

She also mentioned that in every locality there are different requirements, it’s not enough that every cities and municipalities have their own IT system for it institutionalize the difficulties that hides in the system.

“It should be integrated like what the national government does now which is integrating all its system into the national government,” she said.

“So that we don’t have a repeat of ways to get resources and data will be automatically integrated. We’ll have a clear picture of what is happening in the economy,” she stressed

Even though this is the case, Hanares knows that the challenge now is integrating LGU websites without lessening the independence of LGUs while making it easy for investors to register in the country.