Anti-dengue spraying, pest control to be done on “Clean Up the World Month”

MANILA, (PNA) — Free anti-dengue spraying operations will soon be done simultaneous in selected slum areas in Metro Manila.

These operations will begin on September 29 to culminate “Clean Up the World Month” celebrated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The National Committee on Urban Pest Control (NCUPC) will also celebrate the 17th National Urban Pest Control Week on September 23 to 29 this year.

With the theme “Observance of Zero Waste and Zero Pest Laws in Food Establishments, Urban and Agricultural Areas Means Strong Nation,” it aims to promote sustainability in the local urban pest control industry.

Meanwhile, the Urban Pest Management, Food Safety and Quality Conference and Exhibition will be held on September 27 to 29, also this year at the SM City in Cagayan de Oro City.

There, participants will be updated on the different winning green technologies which are locally available but proven effective against common urban pests and disease outbreaks.

Furthermore, it will share with the public the importance of alternative fuels recycled from organic wastes for use in the food industry, urban and agricultural areas.