Syrian opposition to elect interim “prime minister”

ISTANBUL, (PNA/Xinhua) — The Syrian National Coalition (SNC), the main opposition umbrella group in exile, convened its general assembly in Turkey’s Istanbul on Friday to elect their interim “prime minister” and to discuss the Russian proposal on Syria.

In a closed-door meeting on Friday, Ahmad Tumeh al-Khader, a veteran opposition figure, was pronounced by the 155-member general assembly as the sole candidate for interim “prime minister. ”

The coalition is expected to elect their interim prime minister on Saturday, the SNC’s head of media office Khalid Saleh said at a press conference.

With respect to the Russian initiative of putting Syria’s chemical weapons under international control, Saleh said, “We made it very clear that international community must punish those who carry out chemical attacks.”

The Syrian opposition is still in urgent need to obtain more foreign financial support, sources told Xinhua.

Saleh revealed that the United States has decided to increase assistance to Syrian opposition forces.

“We have received some lethal assistance for the opposition forces. We look forward to receive more of such assistance in the future as well,” the spokesman said.