PSJ-NC Officers Inducted


The Philippine Society in Japan Nagoya Chapter held their induction rites last September 2, 2007 at the Nagoya Hilton Hotel. No less than Consul Senen Mangalile of the Philippine Consulate General’s Office in Kobe, Osaka graced the occasion and inducted the new set of officers of PSJ-NC 2007-2008.

At the onset of the program, PSJ-NC’s outgoing president Ms. Marie Bueno Yagi emotionally delivered her address. She outlined the projects and activities of PSJ-NC under her stewardship and how the members and the organization as a whole have grown and enriched themselves with valuable experiences and how these experiences have transformed them to a more committed and productive Filipino citizens in Japan. As she stepped down from her presidential role, she vowed to continue with the same spirit and zeal to support the core values and objectives of the organization.

Ms. Susan de Ono-Laset, the incoming president of PSJ-NC 2007-2008, on the other hand, boldly accepted the challenge to carry the baton of leadership to bring the organization to a new level of professionalism and achievement. “Love and commitment” she said, “is at the core of the driving force behind the organization that has kept us going and in vibrant spirit against the odds of challenges and limitations. It will be the same love and deeper commitment that will see us through to realize our passion and love for our country and our people.”

Consul Senen Mangalile inducted the new set of officers and encouraged them in his inspirational talk to be true to their position and mission. He asked the organization to open its doors and create meaningful relationships and activities with other Filipino organizations in Nagoya as he emphasized that the Philippine Embassy will always be open to support the needs of the Filipino community.

Aside from Ms. Laset, other officers inducted were Bong Benitez, Vice-President; Gigi Itoh, Secretary; HL Benitez, Asst. Secretary; Rosemarie Fujiwara, Treasurer; Sonny Benitez. Asst. Treasurer; Neysa Itoh, Auditor; Marie Bueno Yagi, PRO; Jao Abenoja, Web Administrator, Lyndon Engbino and Vangie Hashimoto, Membership Committee Chaipersons; Marissa Fukuzawa and Mary Jane Alaba, Finance Commitee Chairpersons; Caris Orais and Jun Flores, External Affairs Committee Chairpersons; Virginia “Banana” Ishii and Menji Kobayashi, Welfare Committee Chairpersons; Lovelina Torigoe, Gescela Ishimoto and Jeff Roxas, Cultural Committee Chairpersons and Ellene Hara, Choreographer.

Guests and members were offered a sumptuous dinner buffet while a number of songs from PSJ-NC singers entertained them. The night became a party for old acquaintances and newfound friends. The Filipino bonding was very much alive and everyone knew that this event is just an icing of something bigger to come for him or her and for the Philippine Society in Japan Nagoya Chapter as they manifest their resolve to discover meaningful endeavors that will empower the pride of Filipino.