Majority of Americans support Obama’s stance on Syria

WASHINGTON, (PNA/Itar-Tass) -– The majority of respondents in the U.S. supported Barack Obama’s stance on Syria, which was voiced during a video address to the country Tuesday night, according to a poll commissioned by CNN and conducted by ORC International.

The president was supported by 61% of respondents, 37% disagree with him.

The majority of the polled stated that military intervention in the Syrian conflict is not in American interests.

Two thirds of those who watched the address said that it’s likely the Syrian crisis will be resolved through diplomacy; 35% do not believe in this outcome.

Around 47% of respondents believed that Obama provided sound arguments supporting the possibility of a military strike on Syria; 50% were not convinced.

In his address, U.S. president Barack Obama said that the country will study Russia’s initiative to place chemical weapons in Syria under international control and will continue talks with Moscow and noted that the US will have consultations with Russia, China and other members of the UN Security Council over placing Syrian chemical weapons under international control.