Literacy an Unending Issue

Elementary education should be for literacy training but must include training for a living.

Literacy has been an issue in any part of the world. It is the foundation that contributes to education. Literacy is basically learning how to read and write. In the early years of learning it is necessary for students to acquire literacy.

However, these skills should be taught not by rote or memorization, neither just how to do it but what to learn from it … literacy should be functional and relevant to the students.

Mechanics in reading and writing are important skills but the focus should not only on these skills but on what the learners write about. The content should be given importance as well.

While learning how to construct sentences, learners should be encouraged to think and express their ideas ; write about what they did for the day like journal writing.

In Reading learners have to read something they can relate with and would let them express their own opinion.

I believe that in teaching literacy, the importance of learning English should be addressed as well.

Due to globalization, English became one of the most important languages in the world.

The better one knows how to use English, gives him a better edge in the corporate world.

Many Filipinos were given the privilege to have learned English at a young age but did we really learn it the best way?

I suggest that the Department of Education should give importance to the learning of English and improvement on the way it should be taught!

I hope we not only provide training for literacy but also training for a living!