88 new stalls at Ormoc public market to accommodate displaced vendors

ORMOC CITY, (PNA) –Amidst the drive to decongest traffic, Ormoc City Mayor Edward C. Codilla made use of the 88 new stalls of Building 3 at Ormoc public market to accommodate displaced sidewalk vendors.

Edwin C. Codilla, chairman of clean and green committee once again reminded potential stall owners to maintain cleanliness of these stalls and hoped that the move would truly contribute in the solution of traffic congestion in the area.

Gabriel Raymundo, the market supervisor, together with the market technical working group (TWG) will soon conduct a raffle draw in choosing the tenants with their assigned cubicle.

There are about a hundred applicants especially those who are selling assorted items outside the Gaisano main, the fruit vendors and those occupying the sidewalks in the market. They will be subjected to a committee screening except those trading pirated DVDs and CDs. It is seen to charge 20 pesos per day each stall, said Raymundo.

It was learned that as much as City Administrator Atty. Irene Resurreccion wished to accommodate the vendors selling pirated DVDs considering they are also legitimate businessmen, she decided to exclude them in the priority list for they are vending illegal items.

The move of the city mayor of clearing sidewalks of obstructions answers the perennial problem of traffic clogging in the city that was observed partly contributed by scattered vendors along the pathways.

The construction works of the 4-square meter stalls at the public market were completed months ago but they remained desolated after the prospective occupants declined to take advantage of the chance to transfer offered by then Mayor Eric C. Codilla.

Councilor Vincent Rama, the economic enterprise committee chair acknowledged ex-mayor Codilla’s initiative of eliminating sidewalk obstructions by relocating them to the new stalls. He said the new set of city councilors only continues the previous administration’s plans for the sake of progress.