The Birth of A National Consciousness

Good Day,

Our country has experienced a great deal of disasters over the recent years, and poverty is still as rampant as ever. Filipinos have sought shelter by going abroad, either to work as OFWs, or to migrate there permanently. A number of causes have been pinpointed, and one of them, I believe, is overpopulation.

Many have provided solutions to the problem: the government promotes the use of the more effective contraceptives while the Church disagrees and encourages natural contraception. I believe that the approach to the problem is incorrect. Population control may still be decades away from being effective, and what we could do today is to manage with the population we have. High population densities in certain areas lead to increased waste production and scarce resources. If only the disparity between the wealth and the poor be remedied by equal distribution of wealth. It is not anymore a question of quantity of the population, but a question of quality.

Lastly, it’s our national consciousness that needs to be addressed. We may be 85 million souls in this country, but if we have 85 million different goals for the Philippines , then it’s a battle already lost.

Jamie James Javier
Manila – Philippines