DOH works on new mothers with depression

By Lydia Pendon

ILOILO CITY, (PNA)-– Depression, sometimes leading to suicide, is attacking all sectors of society including young children, women and men especially the new mothers.

However, the Dept. of Health said that depression is an illness which is treatable and preventable even if it starts at a young age affecting more women than men.

The DOH report showed that one or two new mothers out of 10 in the Philippines showed depression symptoms after childbirth.

The best cure is to make the new mother happy with self esteem and full family support.

Dr. Eunice Sermonia of the DOH regional office here said the World Health Organization report showed more than 800,000 in the world have depression cases in 17 countries and one in every 20 persons have depression.

Similarly, women posted more than 50 percent depression cases than men that often lead to suicide.

Dr. Dina Nadera, executive director of the Natasha Goulbourn Foundation, said that school children may undergo mental health resilience building with a tie-up between the community and school.

Speaking at the “Healthy Lifestyle Forum: Suicide and Depression” held at the Sarabia Manor Hotel here by DOH regional office, the foundation official contended the stigma of depression must be erased with the help of spirituality and the church, peer and family support, and positive expectancy that could give children hope and healthy self esteem.