BIR: Most of Napoles’ assets not in her and family’s name

MANILA, (PNA) — Most of the assets of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles and her family as reported in the media are not declared in their name.

However, Internal Revenue Commissioner Kim S. Jacinto-Henares Thursday said their investigation into the assets and properties of the Napoles family is still ongoing.

Henares said aside from investigating whether the Napoleses have been religiously paying the correct taxes on their properties, they are also not ruling out the possibility that they are using a “dummy”.

Henares cited the Napoleses may have concealed their properties, but because of their “pride,” it appears they have several assets.

Also being investigated by the BIR are the properties named under the daughters of Napoles, who are of minor age.

The BIR is also determining whether Napoles has paid the correct inheritance tax after she admitted she merely inherited part of her wealth from her parents.

Henares added there will be a “cross-matching” on Napoles’ assets and properties, taxes paid and her declared income.