Rachel Ann Wolfe is ‘Cool’ with new CD & Music Video

It is said that for you to know what an artist is going through, you only have to listen.

Nowhere is this idea very much concretized than in the case of Rachel Ann Wolfe, who returns from a hiatus in music with her brand-new album “Cool” and a music video shot in New York.

A good listen of “Cool” would tell you that Rachel has evolved into a world-wise woman and artist who has a story to tell. “Cool” has 10 songs that show not just Rachel’s range as an artist but her knack as a storyteller. Indeed, it would surprise listeners how contemporary the album is, a mix of R&B, hip-hop, jazz, and club sounds.

The album opens with “Sweet Smiles”. Anchored by a laidback R&B groove, this is perfect for listening at sunrise while driving along the highway. The track features a rap written and performed by Fil-Am rapper Andrew Romulo, who hails from New York. Another R&B number is “Complicated”, an adult-contemporary song with a catchy chorus.

Further into the R&B direction is “Gotta Get Over You”, which harkens back to the days of the old-school soul divas. Rachel’s multi-tracked vocals work seamlessly with the rhythm. Here she sings with admirable control.

Today’s listeners will revel in Rachel’s upbeat numbers, each of them a contender for dancefloor domination. The title track and first single “Cool” is a glorious slice of deep-house anchored by a sexy bassline. By itself, “Cool” cut and other tracks are programmable for today’s club DJs and clubkids. Don’t be surprised if an full-fledged club remix surfaces soon.

“Nothing Lasts Forever” finds Rachel in club-ready mode. This electronic after-hours jam is also ready to hit dance playlists with its flawless production. Of course, it also helps that Rachel sings like a true dance diva!

Rachel applies her world-wise artistry to full effect with “Be Yourself”. Again, this should have no trouble striking a chord with the clubbing crowd. With a bass-heavy arrangement and world-conscious message, it makes you think with you think with your feet.

She shows off her impressive range in mellow songs such as “In My Heart”, an acoustic guitar-driven tender ballad, and “Kahit Di Ako”, a ballad with a unique melody. Needless to say, the latter simply demands to be heard. “There’s Love”, which she dedicates to her husband John Spitaletta, is a feel-good jazzy track.

The artist closes the album with a touching tribute to her mom, the country’s one and only jazz queen Annie Brazil, in the song “Part of Everything”. This emotive ballad is bound to touch heartstrings everywhere as Rachel soars with her vocals.

“I lived through every word of my songs here,” Rachel relates. “They were drawn from my own experiences as well as from people close to me. That’s why I sing from my heart. Listeners will feel that.”

“Cool” is released under Manna Records, distributed by Sony BMG. For inquiries or corporate shows, club music and events related to Rachel CD and video call, 750-1481 or 892-0160 or email merk.comm[@]gmail.com or merkmedia[@]gmail.com