Online barangay brings Pinoys closer to home

It’s like being in the Philippines again.

That is exactly how, the Global Filipino Village Online, wants overseas Filipinos to feel once they log on to this website.

After all, is cleverly and conveniently designed just like a barangay, which means ‘village’ in Pilipino. Thus, visitors will see 13 buildings on the site, comprising the key establishments found in a typical Filipino village: Associations, Bank, Church, City Hall, Hospital, Library, Market, Real Estate, Restaurant, School, Social Hall, Theatre, and Travel.

Each building functions as a venue for trade, profession, as well a forum for a wide range of topics.

The Associations creates a network that enables Pinoys to support one another in their respective professions and social causes. The Banks building provides users with access to banks in the Philippines.

The Church makes available church-related services in the Philippines while the City Hall has a complete list of the addresses of all Philippine city halls, consulates, and embassies around the world.

The Hospital offers information on doctors, medical institutions, facilities, and medical tourism. The Library features articles on Philippine history and culture, and current events, as well as links, among others.

The Market sells products and services to purchases around the world and delivers them to family and friends in the Philippines. The Real Estate lets visitors browse through a large database of home listings, homes for sale, and housing market information.

The Restaurant building lists and reviews Filipino restaurants, and even shares Pinoy recipes. The School has a calendar of alumni homecomings, reunions and other events, and lets Pinoys reach long-lost classmates and friends via the sister site

The Social Hall is the center for social events and activities, complete with message boards, humor, philanthropic communities, among others. The Theatre is the online guide to the Filipino entertainment scene while the Travel building houses travel services, fare finders, hotel and car rental info, reservations, itineraries, and destination guides.

Indeed, has arrived to bring the overseas Pinoy closer than ever to his homeland.