What Patrick has taught Jennylyn

PNS — OTHER stars have no movie projects but Jennylyn Mercado is in the cast of two new films: Regal’s “Tiyanaks” and the trilogy produced by her manager, Becky Aguila, and Angel Locsin, “Angels.” She’s paired with ex-BF Mark Herras in “Tiyanaks,” to be shown on July 4, and with current BF Patrick Garcia in the “Angel of Love” episode of “Angels”, to be shown on June 20, with premiere night at SM North Edsa on June 16.

In “Tiyanaks,” she plays Rina, an athlete who is good with the bow and arrow as she fights the tiyanaks who attack them. After hanging from a helicopter in “Super Noypi,” she really wants to show she’s agile and strong enough to do action scenes. No less than Patrick himself gave her tips on archery as he himself practices the sport. One time, he even invited Jen to watch him join an archery tournament in Batangas. “The events gave me a good idea about the sport,” says Jen. “I saw for myself how archers stand, focus and aim at their targets.”

Jen is happy to be reunited with Patrick after he arrived last Thursday from his two-week cruise in Alaska with his dad. She was not able to fetch him as she was then busy being a sagala in a santakrusan. Patrick went to her house in the evening to bring her all his “pasalubong,” mostly make-up kits and stuffed toys.

In “Angels,” she plays Bianang, a jologs singer in a cheap bar, while Patrick is Jude, a rich boy. An angel called Kerubina (Ella Cruz) acts as a cupid who introduces them to one another.

Has she had a real angel experience? “Yes, with my second car. I was driving it along Commonwealth Avenue when a 16-wheeler truck hit me. Wasak ang kotse ko at hindi ako naka-seatbelt, but I was miraculously spared. Kahit bukol wala ako. I felt an angel has saved me.”

What is Patrick’s best qualities? “The best is mahaba ang pasensiya niya. Kasi ako, hot tempered. He taught me how to be more patient. When I’m stressed out, he tells me to relax and calm down.”

Even before “Angels” is shown, Regal’s Mother Lily wants to pair them again in “Now and Forever”, co-starring Shaina Magdayao, Iya Villania and Roxanne Guinoo.