MoneyForex-Leading the Way in Forex Trading

MoneyForex is a commission-free online currency trading broker which offers online forex trading with all major currencies and cross trades. Acknowledged as one of the world’s premier online currency trading broker, MoneyForex already has clients from over 100 countries around the world. Founded by veterans of Wall Street, it was started with a vision to service individuals and corporate investors by easing the complexities faced with forex trading.

Perhaps what makes MoneyForex stand out is the fact that there is no capital gain tax incurred from forex trading activities when traders have an offshore trading forex account. Meaning that whatever capital that has been gained by investors or traders whether it be in the vicinity of $1,000 or $1 million, they need not fear as MoneyForex is under no obligation whatsoever to report capital gain to any tax authority.

For anyone around the world, such a benefit will offer substantial cash flow. Especially for people who are large account holders and money managers, or even financial institutions as they can then accordingly plan the payment of tax more efficiently.

In addition to that, MoneyForex also provides investors with a trading platform that has been rated by professional traders as the most user-friendly on the market today. When dealing with forex trading, speed has become a most invaluable attribute and with MoneyForex’s trading system, traders and investors are promised lightning speed executions. Coupled with that is also the fact that MoneyForex is backed up by a 24-hour live dealing via telephone.

As for dealers, investors and traders can rest easy as all of them who are associated with MoneyForex have been dealers before with major banks and have at least five years of experience with dealings in forex.

MoneyForex also offers clients the benefit of having a free demo account. With the account, users can already explore and discover the many benefits that are made available to them. Peter North, strategist for, had this to say, “When you try online forex trading, using our forex charts with a demo-account, you’ll see how MoneyForex is one of the world’s leading online currency and forex broker, offering low pips and commission-free forex dealing.”

For the free demo account and further more information on MoneyForex, please visit Contact number: +44 845 052 1165.