Why did Sarah cry at her U.S. concert?

By Ricardo F. Lo

Those who watched Sarah Geronimo’s concert last week in Cache Creek Casino Resort, two hours drive from San Francisco, were puzzled why Sarah cried while singing Forever’s Not Enough, one of her hit songs.

According to Funfare’s Northern California DPA “BA,” Sarah was already choking with emotion even before she launched into the song, shedding quiet tears as she sang on, especially when she reached this stanza: They say tomorrow seems so far away/And now we see that everything can change/My love for you gets stronger as tomorrow comes/I know this love will stand/In the test of time.

Was Sarah, in a $15,000 gown by Dubai-based Amato Haute Couture’s Furne One, thinking of someone (whose initials are GA, hehehe!) at that moment, pining for a love nipped in the bud by parental objection? Or was it because Jonathan Aligada, VP for Special Projects of Viva Concerts & Events, is reportedly leaving her (and is joining ABS-CBN Global as VP & Head of Special Events effective Oct. 1)? It’s Jonathan who has been with Sarah in all her shows here and abroad.

During Sarah’s birthday concert last July at the Big Dome, her rumored suitor Gerald Anderson joined Sarah onstage as, kilig na kilig, she sang It Might Be You. That scene, applauded by the SRO audience, reportedly infuriated Sarah’s over-protective mom Divine because it was not in the script and Divine picked a fight with Jonathan backstage. A week later during the repeat of the concert, Gerald was nowhere to be found. Order ni mader? So they said.

Already 24, Sarah is not completely allowed by her mom to be courted. Hmmm, kailan pa, kapag tumanda na siyang dalaga? Showbiz-observers (this one included) said that Sarah is missing a great part of her teenage years and she just might end up “a rebel with a cause.” She has fallen (secretly) in love twice (with Rayver Cruz and Gerald), both thwarted by her mom. Will she still be an obedient and submissive daughter the third time around?

Anyway, after her two concerts (Sept. 1 and 2) at Cache Creek, Sarah did another one in San Diego, California, and then she’ll proceed to Hawaii for another concert. Oh my. Wouldn’t all work and no play make Sarah a dull (and bitter) girl?

Poor girl…watching the world go by and at risk of being left out and left behind. Why Sarah cried at her Cache Creek concert is still a mystery. “I guess her unhappy love life has something to do with it,” surmised DPA “BA.”