BPI Search for 10 Outstanding Expat Pinoy Children

Expat Pinoys are truly deserving of their titles as the country’s modern-day heroes. They are living showcases of the endearing characteristics of Filipinos, bringing honor to the country through the diligence and resourcefulness they demonstrate in their work. They help tremendously in the progress of the Philippines through their earnings and remittances.

An even nobler cause, fueling our Expat Pinoys‘ drive in their efforts beyond borders, is their dreams for their children. Our fellow Filipinos overseas toil and labor to ensure a picturesque future for their offspring.

The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has long recognized the importance of Expat Pinoys. In another effort to cater to the needs of this sector of society, BPI is launching the Search for 10 Outstanding Expat Pinoy Children.

Through this endeavor, BPI wishes to instill pride within the Expat Pinoy children, helping them realize the magnitude of their parents’ contribution to the country, but more importantly, to their future. It aims to inspire the children to achieve their dreams, which are the driving force of their overseas parents’ sacrifices and endless diligence. This also serves as an added motivation to our Expat Pinoys, and validation as parents to see their children excel and be honored in a prestigious contest. The Search also seeks to reach out to the public’s consciousness for them to fully grasp the value of the community of the Expat Pinoys and their families.

The Search for 10 Outstanding Expat Pinoy Children holds at stake a cash prize of PhP50,000.00. It is open to 15 to 21-year-old children of Expat Pinoys (OFWs) with current contract in another country. They must have parents or relatives who are BPI depositors. They must belong to the Top 10% of their class, level, or batch, with no failing marks. They must be presently enrolled or a graduate of a four-year course (no more than two years past).

Apart from an accomplished application form, they must provide a certified true copy of grades, including a list of awards from school; Proof of enrollment in the current school year ( e.g. registration form), or a diploma or certificate of graduation from the college or university; Birth certificate or proof of relation to the Expat Pinoy (OFW); Form certification of BPI Branch Head, indicating that a member of his/her family has an account with BPI; Letter of nomination from the school principal, district superintendents, college dean, managers of BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank; Parish priest or head of a civil or church organization (Forms are available for free at all branches of BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank, or may be downloaded from www.bpiexpressonline.com; and www.bpidirect.com.

The criteria for judging include Academic Excellence (70%); Non Academic, including Sports (5%), Artistic Talent (5%), Performing Arts (5%), and Community/Civic Works (5%); and Essay Writing (10%).

The nominee must submit an essay, answering the question “Ano ang papel ko sa pagpapaunland ng ating pamayanan bilang anak ng isang Expat Pinoy?” (What is my role in the development of our society, as a son/daughter of an Expat Pinoy?). The essay may be written either in English or Filipino, type-written; double-spaced, and must be between 1,500 – 2,000 words. It will be judged according to relevance (30%); presentation and style (30%); impact (30%); and grammar (10%).

Deadline of submission of forms is on June 30, 2007. All requirements must be sent to the Secretariat c/o MerkCom at Unit 711 7th Floor, Manila Bank Building, Ayala Avenue Makati City.

Judges include representatives from BPI, Bangko Sentra ng Pilipinas (BSP); Department of Education, Culture and Sports (DECS); Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA); and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

The ten chosen Oustanding Expat Pinoy Children will be announced in August 2007 during the 156th anniversary of BPI. All winners will be notified through mail.