Communist chief backs P-Noy vs China

PNS — PROFESSOR Jose Maria Sison, founding chair of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has expressed support for Malacañang position of seeking a peaceful and diplomatic solution in resolving the country’s territorial dispute with the People’s Republic of China.

“Regarding the claims and intrusions of China involving the Kalayaan group of islands and the Panatag shoal, I consider it a matter of principle and patriotic duty to uphold the national sovereignty of the Filipino people and the territorial integrity of the Philippines.

“The aforesaid pieces of territory are well within the 200-nautical miles of exclusive economic zone of the Philippines under the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) which the Philippines and China have signed and which bind the two countries,” Sison said.

He made the remarks at lecture on national security administration that he delivered before a group of students last April 30 and which was posted at the website of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Citing historical records affirming the country’s claim to the disputed territories in the West Philippine (South China) Sea, Sison said the country should pursue its claim based on the UNCLOS “which the Philippines and China have signed and which bind the two countries.”