Nature, green and technology

Arch. Celso C. Nieves, FUAP, CAAIF

There are many definitions of Green. Green is color, abundance, amateur, novice, raw, and many more. There is a new definition of Green which was created just before stepping through the 21st century. And it is the most famous and most talked-about Green these days. This new and modern Green is a movement which tries to go back to nature after mankind wantonly corrupts and abuses the blessing of nature’s abundance. The introduction and wrong application of technology is the culprit that tilted the regular course of nature’s flow and causes all kinds of diseases, poverty, crime, high cost of living and toxic pollutions. We literally violate the immutable Law of Nature. We ignore all these, until eventually; nature could not take the beating any longer and unfurls its wrath that causes global warming and climate change. Now, we desire to restore nature, and our only way to reclaim it is through responsible technology. Green, therefore, is cultured and commercialized attempt to return to nature through technology. It is artificial and man-made. New variations of green are green living, green or organic foods, green or herbal medicine, green building, eco- or green homes, and to us architects, Green Architecture.

—God’s law works through nature and man; that nature is God at work: that the law of nature is immutable and unchangeable, not subservient to the whims of man; that man must grow into the understanding that he must harmonize with nature.—Astara, The Book Life

Immutable in the sense that Nature’s Law is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow; and to violate the law is disastrous. It is powerful and cannot be fought back. God is invisible and creates nature from His sole substance and makes it visible. Mankind calls it nature, and therefore nature is God in action. It is God in the physical form. We should abide with nature so that nature will abide in us. “Vengeance is mine” says the Father and it is also through nature that He makes His vengeance. God do not punish because of the sin but because of the commission of that sin. It works with the Law of Cause and Effect or the Law of Karma.

—There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.—Mohandas K. Gandhi

Green is the medicine that treats the ailment of a person after he stumped his stomach with junk and garbage foods that poisoned the liver and cause diseases like hepatitis, diabetes and cancers. Different kinds of chemical medicines are invented to cure these ailments. And they are very expensive. Now we go back to herbal and call it green medicine.

These lethal diseases were unknown before when humankind and other organisms eat only what God commanded them to consume which are raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains and herbs that come directly from the trees and the soil. These foods are also, at the same time, medicine to any ailment. They are now called organic food or health food. They are more expensive than preserved and processed foods which are slow poisons.

We have to harness nature’s forces and power within our atmosphere and environment for our goodness. They are everywhere wherever we go in this planet earth and free of charge. It is there for our health and long life, happiness and abundance. The greatest of nature’s energy-giver is the sun. It is the source of the ultimate natural health, energy and youth which we all aspire. It is hovering our heads twenty four hours a day and everyday. Instead, we prefer the fossil fuel, the precious black oil, for our energy. It is the fuel we chose for our technology. It is toxic, poisonous and number one pollutant. It is so expensive it dictates the economy of all the nations in the world. It is the gauge of whether a nation will survive or not. And it is the cause of many global disasters.

We call this new modern technology fueled with oil hi-tech or advanced technology. And we also call this progress. The more technology advances, the more prices of all commodities soar higher. When technology was in its infancy, prices of food, clothing and shelter do not change for decades. Everything is cheap because they are all almost done manually or through light electricity. Manual skills today are becoming obsolete because machinery can produce faster and in big quantities, not only stealing from the skillful their livelihood, but also more expensive to buy. Is this progress?

Green is now a world-wide trend and mostly the talk of everyone. Different articles are flooding the media and the internet about greening everything. As it is almost impossible to go back to Nature the natural way, Green must rehabilitate the environment and exterminate that causes its deterioration. The rightful technology and science is the only hope and way out.
Technology or science also comes from the substance of God in the form of ideas called knowledge. It is hidden from us to be invented (from inside to ventilate) or to be discovered (take the cover off). It is given to us at the right time He wants. And it should be used for mankind’s benefits. And……

—With knowledge comes the responsibility to act.—Michael Deikmann, CO Allianze SE

By using the knowledge of science, it is our responsibility and obligation to act to regain nature through greening in all variations. There is a gap between knowing how and putting that know-how into effectiveness. It also means not to invent guns to kill thousands in one blast, not to put poisonous preservatives to foods to make it “more palatable”, not to denude the forests and pollute the air and the ocean, recycle materials that are recyclable, refrain from using chemical pesticides to plants, etc., etc.

The topic and subject of Green is interminable. There are always new stories about Green almost everyday. Its panorama is vast and wide. But rightfully and in due time, it could be fathomed.

There are hundreds of organizations world-wide that concern in greening our mother earth. To name a few in our country, they are the Greenpeace Movement, Planetsave, Haribon, World Ecology, Ecology Management Center; and to us architects, UAP Green Architecture Movement and Green Architecture Advocacy.

This article is only a drop in a bucket. It is only a mind-opener that can be expanded through everyone’s intriguing imagination.

—We cannot command Nature except by obeying her.—Francis Bacon

So…..Love GREEN and bring back MOTHER NATURE’S bounty to her straying children.