What ‘to twit’ should mean in the new vocabulary?

This is one for users of Twitter who are my friends or unbelievers, pardon me.

When the “anti-planking act of 2011” exploded in the internet, blew real hard in phenomenal time to become the top trending topic in the Philippines, and robbed the 3rd rank in Twitter worldwide, this is what I learned.

Oh incidentally, my boss asked me to draft that bill and the companion explanatory note and well, ‘officiating’ press release.

So this is what I learned. I think that the words “to twit” as plucked out from the word “Twitter” should mean in the new vocabulary as “to be negative”.

For our camp were alarmed of the seemingly negative reaction toward a bill that substantively if not simply has not intent to ban PLANKING which many, including me, love to find self-fulfilling high from. (Did I say my youngest child is a parkour?).

What should in fact be under attack is when politicians and their political groups used this wholesome art of planking into something else.

If you plunk so no vehicle can run on the road, tell me what that is?

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