Taking another Step Forward through Culture and History, iSchools trains NM

by: Angelo Kairos Torres Dela Cruz

The iSchools Project, an e-Government funded project that seeks to modernize Philippine education by integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT), remains steadfast in bridging the digital divide amidst it nearing project turnover.

The Supplementary Academic Philippine Online Treasury (SAPOT) is the project’s initiative in mapping available content for public high school students. SAPOT took another step forward with the iSchools’ sponsored trainings of representatives from the National Museum (NM) and National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP). Twenty representatives from NM and NHCP attended the training last September 6-9, 2011 at the Laboratories 1 and 3 of the National Computer Center Bldg., Diliman, Quezon City. The training included modules on online writing, videography and photography.

Elenita Alba (Ma’am Nec), NM Curator II and Museum Education Division Chief, initiated the training with iSchools Project Management Office (PMO) to fill their technical gap in documentation. Ma’am Nec shared during the preliminary SAPOT meetings that their office can contribute a lot in terms of cultural and historical items but they lack the technical knowledge in documenting it.

Antonette Torres, iSchools Project Manager, expressed her gratitude to NM and NHCP by saying “the (iSchools) Project will always be thankful to these offices (NM and NHCP) for sharing their time and resources in SAPOT. I can say that our offices found a common ground in answering the need in uplifting the present state of Philippine education. Their share in the work needed to be done in SAPOT transcend all subjects, everything we experience have history; they are the specialists on history and the project expects them to share this expertise. In return, we will provide the technical support they need such as this series of training”.

Chuck Baclagon, Greenpeace New Media Campaigner, discussed online writing by citing the importance and trends of utilizing the internet through effective search engine optimization, social networking sites and free platforms such as Google’s blogger. Chuck asked the participants to make their very own blogs to practice writing online.

Jimmy Domingo, a photojournalism lecturer of De La Salle University Manila and Ateneo de Manila University, engaged the participants through a photo shoot in the building premises, critiquing session of photos and a discussion on the latest photo post processing techniques.

Luis Liwanag, a multi-awarded filmaker, taught the basics of shooting videos. The participants then presented their final short flicks to cap off a well-received training.

“We (iSchools) hope that the participants will continue to develop the foundations of this training in their own fields. Personally, I believe that NM and NHCP line of work will provide enough venues for the full utilization of the training lessons. By the way, it will be very nice to see these people making better media materials for their office, especially in preserving our cultural and historical treasures. Our partnership with them allows iSchools to benefit from their new knowledge”, Torres added.