Overhaul prison system?

Overhaul is not simple as it may seem.

The approaches, to effect that overhaul, are even more confused as the old scheme has been.

Imagine assigning a PPA chief to take over BuCor, if concurrently.

Imagine proposing a Beverly-styled “pay for stay” hotels for the more affluent inmates like maybe, Leviste, as if this proposal really makes sense when in truth and in fact, it is actually aggravating the violation committed by Leviste. It is like throwing the turtle into the water.

Imagine how jail wardens make money out of the P50-daily meal allowances of their inmates by cutting P5 out of everyone? Now to think there are 40,000 inmates at NBP, how much could siphoned off to line pockets of jail wardens? It is hoped such ‘bounty’ do not reach the door steps of the DILG Management, Inc. or the DOJ for that matter by way of some not remote possibility?

Imagine how the use and sale of drugs actually proliferate in most jails and inmates are put dope users and pushers, a situation that seems to be happenng before the noses of jail wardens?

Imagine how the high-profile inmates can party inside cells, can receive visitors or guests, and can use cellphones as if they were not inmates nor curtailed of their freedom and privacy?

Imagine how an ‘underground community’ can implement a ‘housing project’ within the NBP complex? One tends to get reminded of one Romeo Jalosjos who turned his cell into a well-furnished little house to the extent he donated a tennis court, built a snack bar or something, made business somehow?

Imagine how inmates are allowed to spring out of their cells whether or not for some instruction or purpose? And chances are, not all inmates can now be accounted for especially on those high-profile ones since lately someone was found killed after a two days of search?

Imagine how a real estate boom might have developed since high-profile inmates are said to have purchased prime lots located near or around the NBP?

The PPA chief being assigned as the new BuCor pending the unresolved case of the belleagued Diokno by DOJ De Lima in light of her own refusal to head the Ombudsman look one and the same shoe, isn’t it? She can refuse but her order, no one must refuse?

If we want overhaul, begin with the inmates – let them go free. After all, isn’t it said that the cases that clogged in our courts are those drug-related and there are indications that the poor folks are made victims by PNP elements violating the law against planting of evidence.

We have a very weak judicial system. In the end, government must not be subsidizing a daily meal allowannce of P50 for inmates who are not even guilty of the crimes they were charged of. The Supreme Court, no less, is the possible culprit.

Even talk of overhaul? What’s the beef?