Nakamap: Perfect Group Traveling Map App on iPhone and Android

So have you ever got separated from your travel or shopping buddies? And wished you had other options contacting each other rather than just calling up and saying “I’m in front of this stall that sells phone accessories”?

So I’m sharing with you guys this iOS/Android app that I use with my friends. They know I’m very excited about this and keep on telling anyone who’ll listen. It’s called Nakamap, which lets users create a group chat and see each other’s faces on a map! Plus, you get to share pics too!

Just think about this, you and your friends can get separated for a while and you would know not only where your friend is, you’d also know how to get to him/her!

And here’s what I came to like doing. I use this app while shopping with friends. We go separately, and we take pics of our finds, share it with the group, and we can instantly rush to where they’re at.

It’s really great for traveling! One time I went away from my group to look for the unbeaten path, and then found some interesting stuff and just had to call my friends over. To entice them, I took a picture and sent it, and then since I couldn’t really say where I am, they came to me via Nakamap! Great huh?

So guys, I really think as Pinoys all over the world, Nakamap is a neat little free app! Get it here.