I’m still awake though it’s late at night
I found my self in a room with no light
I can see may Mama smiling so bright
And saved her smile for my morning’s delight
I misses the time that she comforts me
In that cold dark room still I can see
Those yesterday’s pretty memories
No need to open my little diary
And then in a while I see her come
dressed-up in her favorite long, white gown
She smiled to me and touched my face
And then she gave me the sweetest embrace
And when I’m lonely she always come
She always comforts me till the break of dawn
She gave me my blanket and kissed me goodnight
When she was here there’s no lonely nights
It’s already three years since my Mom died
I know she sees me whenever I cried
But now I’m contented somehow feeling better
Because of my sanative dream…
…my loneliness is cured forever.