Lani, Lucy: Busy Congress-Moms

PNS — NEOPHYTE lawmakers Lani Mercado-Revilla and Lucy Torres-Gomez seem to be spreading themselves too thin nowadays attending to work in Congress and at the same time trying to spend quality time with family.

Lani spent a hectic Christmas starting on Christmas eve, joining the Metro Manila Film Festival parade of Stars. Christmas Day was spent going around Metro Manila to monitor box office results of Senator Bong’s movie with Vic Sotto, “Si Agimat at si Enteng Kabisote” which is now considered the highest grossing Filipino movie of all time.

Lucy got back to the salt mines in Congress right away following the birthday celebration she had with her constituents in Leyte. Lucy has authored bills and resolutions and had been looking forward to spending Christmas with the whole family she and husband Richard’ are quite busy leaving them almost no time to be together.

Given the roles that both Lani and Lucy play as wife, mother and lawmaker, and in consideration of the fact that as neophytes in lawmaking their tendency would be to spend time learning the ropes so to speak, would the two congressmoms be spending less quality time with their families from now on?