Anti-violence against women campaign launched in Guimaras

JORDAN, Guimaras, Dec. 8 (PNA) — The countdown to end Violence Against Women (VAW) began Monday in the province of Guimaras, spearheaded by Provincial Governor Samuel Gumarin.

Officials and the rank and file of the Provincial Government of Guimaras took turns in leaving hand marks on the manifesto as an expression of support and commitment to the campaign during simple rites at the Provincial Capitol.

The 18-day campaign to end violence against women is set to end on Christmas Day. It anchors on the theme, “End VAW now! It’s our Duty! Gains and Ways, Forward VAW!”

The campaign is espousing equal power between the sexes, as time and again closing the gender gap has become increasingly difficult with the changing of the times, Provincial Social Welfare Assistant Chief Jemima Lastrilla said. (PNA)