T-bill rates rise

MANILA, Dec 7 (PNA) — Rates of 91-, 182-, and 364-day Treasury bills (T-bills) rose Monday at the Bureau of Treasury’s (BTr) auction.

The 91-day T-bills rate increased to 1.836 percent from 1.491 percent in the previous auction on October 5, 2015.

The BTr offered the 91-day debt paper for Php 8.0 billion. It fetched a total of Php 10.255 billion but only accepted Php 4.245 billion in tenders while rejecting Php 6.01 billion.

Furthermore, the Php 6.0 billion 182-day T-bills also yielded higher rate at 1.843 percent from previous auction rate at 1.507 percent.

The auction committee only awarded Php 4.12 billion despite attracting Php 8.32 billion in tenders for the 182-day debt papers.

Likewise, the 364-day T-bills rate rose to 1.952 percent from October 2015’s bid of 1.878 percent.

The BTr only awarded Php 2.1 billion of the one-year T-bills even tenders reached Php 6.1 billion, higher than the Php 6.0 billion offering. (PNA)