ACAT Global Introduces Non-Urea Syngas Commercial Diesel Retrofit Kits

LOS ANGELES (U.S. ASIAN WIRE) — November 2, 2010 — ACAT Global LLC, a leader in clean air technology for emissions control, has introduced a non-urea solution for retrofitting diesel engines in all applications. The company’s markedly advanced stainless steel alloy foil catalytic converter substrate cores eliminate toxic nitrogen oxides (NOx) and other pollutants from diesel engine exhaust without the need for a urea additive.

The company’s commercial diesel retrofit kit, featuring the ACAT Non-Urea Syngas-Based Diesel Emission Reduction System, enables manufacturers to reduce NOx to nitrogen gas without requiring a separate containment and injection urea dosing sub-system. ACAT’s metal monoliths used in diesel catalytic converters rely on high thermal conductivity instead of chemical reaction in reducing exhaust gas NOx. In addition to ACAT’s monolith cores, the retrofit kits feature synthesis gas (syngas) generators and diesel particulate filters.

“The use of urea to reduce nitrogen oxides from diesel exhaust is totally impractical,” said Leisa Cuddy, ACAT director of communications. “Not only does urea freeze in cold weather, the method requires an extensive tank, tube and spray system, the container must be refilled frequently and cleaned regularly, and widespread adoption necessitates a nationwide fueling infrastructure. Yet it’s been the only available diesel nitrogen oxide reductant system-until the ACAT system.”

ACAT’s Non-Urea Syngas-Based Diesel Emission Reduction System can be used in any diesel-based application: trucks, buses, diesel auto, locomotives, aviation, marine, non-road construction and agricultural equipment, stationary industrial and mining equipment, megawatt engines that supply energy to coal-fired power plants,
engine-electrical generator sets, auxiliary power units, self-powered refrigerated containers and more.

ACAT’s Commercial Diesel Retrofit Kit will be available by the first quarter of 2011, with original equipment applications to follow.

ACAT’s Commercial Diesel Retrofit Kit

About ACAT Global

ACAT Global LLC has a deep commitment to research and development, and is exploring partnership opportunities with various progressive companies to bring about industry-changing solutions to emissions challenges. ACAT’s patented technology capitalizes on aggressive emissions policies worldwide.

ACAT Global’s converter substrate technology was originally developed by Delphi Corp. and its former parent General Motors.

GM/Delphi invested an estimated $475 million-$500 million during an 18-year period to bring the technology to the point of full commercialization.