Duterte says no to tax reduction

By Lilybeth G. Ison ‎

DAVAO CITY, Nov. 29 (PNA) — Presidential candidate R‎odrigo Duterte has junked the proposed tax reduction, saying he will be needing money for a lot of programs to embark on.

“I need the money because I need to raise the salary of the state workers,” said Duterte in a chance interview here.

“Wala akong masyadong spending for the first year. My first year, gagamitin ko ang pera to connect to the social issues — gutom, trabaho, and then I have to fix the economy,” he added.

‎Duterte vowed to embark on massive infrastructure projects and high-speed mass transport system that could make the delivery of goods cheaper, faster, more efficient and safer.

‎”People are complaining about being taxed to death because the services that they deserve are hard to come by and are not seen and felt,” he said.‎

“I (also) need money for my programs to create jobs, solve criminality, hunger and restore peace and order. I need money to run this country,” he added.

‎The Department of Finance earlier estimated that the government would lose PhP30-billion worth of revenues if the proposed lowered income tax rates are implemented.

‎Duterte cited the need to decongest Metro Manila as it is overcrowded and causes heavy traffic.

“Manila is simply overloaded. So, I have to decongest Metro Manila,” he said.

To boost the country’s economy, Duterte said there’s a need to move the goods at a low cost at the shortest possible time.

‎He lamented the air traffic congestion that has delayed many flights and delivery of goods.

‎Duterte added that the congested seaport also hampered the import-export business. ‎

‎”Even the service roads are lacking. We have only one port servicing the import and export needs. You know the law of supply and demand, that’s the economy,” he said. ‎

“So I cannot reduce the taxes. I need the money to fix the economy,” he stressed. ‎(PNA)