I Voted; How About You?

By Daniel Escurel Occeno

I was able to vote after waiting 24 hours from whatever caused the delay. The only loser I saw was Barack Obama because there will be those wanting to renew the possibility of having a Prime Minister and parliamentary type of government instead copying the American Democracy.

I have been telling Americans coming here that are trying to be cool; the American president has to help us have peaceful elections without military presence. Those covert national guards from Missouri scare our children going to school but not the terrorists.

Obama could NOT help the only Democracy in Asia have a peaceful village’s election without violence and delays.

ASEAN, CHINA, INDIA, SOUTH KOREA, and JAPAN will be watching our news.

Is Barack Obama the leader of the world?

Those Visiting Forces could have volunteered to walk the ballots to the barangays and their presences would have been felt as a necessary good for the country.

To get their benefits from American Taxation, the visiting forces might as well go back to America and be deployed in the Chicago area to make sure OPRAH can vote on schedule in the first Tuesday on November.

Go Home, Visiting Forces!!!

I did not bother asking for an absentee ballot, 2012 for sure! I am a dual-voter, anybody but Obama!