Bahay Financial Services Appoints New CFO

Bahay Financial Services (BFS), the country’s premiere asset management company, recently announced the appointment of Ms. Elizabeth Ann Yu as its new Chief Finance Officer (CFO).

Weighing in on the appointment, Yu says, “We will focus on sound finance management, strategy and execution in order to proactively create value-adding processes to move forward towards BFS’ next growth stage. Also, we will work towards creating an entrepreneurial environment that will deliver consistent and high quality services to drive organizational behavior.”

Ms. Yu is a seasoned executive with over 30 years of diverse experience in the fields of general management, sales, marketing, finance, risk management, human resources and information technology. Prior to joining BFS, Ms. Yu was with Merck Inc., a global pharmaceutical and chemical company for 17 years, eight of which she served as the Vice President, Head of Chemical Philippine Operations. She also became President of the Association of Pharmaceutical Finance Executives of the Philippines.

Says Mr. Federico Cadiz, President of BFS, “At Bahay Financial Services, we ensure that all our staff – from the different Line Specialists to the highest officers – share in our commitment to excellence. In this way, we guarantee our clients an efficient and productive performance across the firm’s functional competencies.”

As the first-of-its-kind and fully integrated asset management and mortgage servicing platform in the country, BFS successfully manages both performing and non-performing loan portfolios. Apart from its commitment to raising the standards for account management, the company is steadfast in its policy of ensuring that its various areas of expertise are up to par with international standards and best practices – highlighted in the area of asset management.