San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod holds mass for victims of Paris terrorist attacks

BACOLOD CITY, Nov. 18 (PNA) — Fr. Felix Pasquin, rector of San Sebastian Cathedral here, celebrated a “solidarity mass” for victims of the Paris terrorist attacks Wednesday afternoon.

“Let this tragedy strengthen us in our faith in the Lord Jesus as the conqueror of evil and strengthen more our resolve like Paul brings the good news of God’s love to all,” Pasquin said in his homily.

“Terrorist attacks do not deter us in our witnessing and mission because we believe in the power of conscience to convert and change,” he added.

A mini-French flag was displayed at the altar surrounded by 129 lighted candles, representing the number of fatalities.

“All those who spread hatred and ideological fanaticism that lead to killings and wars violate the Fifth Commandment, thou shall not kill,” the priest said, adding that “terrorists, by killing innocent people, are indeed murderers, a scourge to humanity.”

Pasquin noted that the attacks have increased geo-political risks and tensions as he cited the sentiments of world leaders.

“Pope Francis said that the tragedy in Paris could be a piecemeal of World War 3. United States President Barrack Obama said that those attacks in Paris are a crime against humanity and an attack against universal values we share. French President Francois Hollande declared that such terrorist act is a war against France,” he added.

Meanwhile, Negros Occidental Vice Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson also condemned the Paris attacks.

“Killing people to achieve one’s ends is never a sustainable option,” he said.

Lacson added: “I call on everyone for prayerful sobriety in this time of darkness. Let us not let darkness overwhelm and consume us with its threatening ways. Let instead, the light of wisdom, peace, justice and basic human decency prevail.”

The vice governor urged Negrenses to pray for a peaceful and successful conduct of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in Manila as well as peace in the country and the whole world. (PNA)