The VoiceOne advantage: What VOIP service means to your business

Enterprises in the country can now enjoy the benefits of a fully-integrated IP Communications System through VoiceOne Asia, the premiere VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services provider in the Philippines. Through its array of VoIP products, an enterprise’s business communications can be empowered to maximize the full potential of their existing PABX (Private Automatic Branch Exchange) systems.

“Using VoIP technology will help enterprises achieve an edge over competitors when it comes to business communications. Big and small business alike can enjoy strengthened communications with reduced costs leading them to better operations and helping them dominate their respective markets for a very long time,” according to Mr. Cyril Rocke, President and CEO of VoiceOne Asia.

VoiceOne’s suite of NexGen (Next Generation) Voice Services includes NexGen Trunking, NexGen Centrex, and NexGen Mobility – all of which promise businesses an 80% reduced costs in telecommunications.

Mr. Rocke adds, “Apart from cost-saving features, tech-savvy companies understand that VoIP brings a multitude of advantages to an enterprise such as having a platform that can be used for all business communications – whether voice calls, conferencing, emailing, or data sharing. They understand that having these capabilities equates to productivity gains and higher ROI.”

Through VoiceOne Asia’s SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking, out-of-the-office personnel can always be assured of a way to connect with their headquarters even when using their personal gadgets such as wifi-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, desktop PCs, soft phones, and IP Phones. VoIP also offers converged communications which means voice, chat, email, and video conferencing capabilities are made available by a single provider.

Better yet, those looking to enjoy the full benefits of an IP Communications System will no longer have to spend more time and effort looking for an IP-PABX system should they wish to upgrade or change. VoiceOne Asia has partnered with the leading PABX brands such as Alcatel in order to package its VoIP services with the hardware to go with it thus providing clients a one-stop shop for their VoIP needs.

Aside from its ISO 9001 Certification, VoiceOne Asia, has recently received its ISO 270001 certification, in line with its commitment to provide the best alternative to the market, empowering enterprises to do more business communications and transactions easily and affordably as the demand for fast, efficient, and convenient communications platforms continues to grow.


About VoiceOne Asia: VoiceOne is a subsidiary of DataOne Asia, the leading data centre in the Philippines that provides world-class Enterprise IT services. VoiceOne is the new generation telecom provider that offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) services to enterprises in the Philippines.