Tourism receipts rose 7% to Php168.75 B in Q3 ’15

By Azer N. Parrocha

MANILA, Nov. 10 (PNA) — Philippines’ visitor arrivals at the end of third quarter this year generated Php 168.75 billion in tourism receipts, up 6.99 percent from the Php 157.73 billion in the same period last year, data from the Department of Tourism (DOT) show.

DOT said that visitor receipts in September alone amounted to Php 16.56 billion, which is a 24.24 percent surge from Php 13.33 billion in the same period in 2014.

Average Daily Expenditure (ADE) of international visitors for the month of September 2015 was estimated at Php 5,438.47 while Average Length of Stay (ALoS) for the same month registered at 9.20 nights.

Meanwhile, Average per capita expenditure of visitors for the month in review was Php 50,033.96.

South Korea remained the biggest contributor of visitor earnings for the country with Php4.726-billion, followed by USA with Php 2.815-billion, and Japan with Php 1.194.

Rounding up the top five visitor earning contributors were Australia (Php1.078 billion), and China (Php1.048 billion).

Visitors from UK was also cited for posting the highest per capita expenditure for the month of September with Php 80,165.74 while visitors from India recorded the second biggest per capita spending at Php 64,738.66.

Australia (Php 61,202.03), United States (Php 60,815.80) and Canada (Php 54,537.47) were other top markets with high visitor spending. (PNA)